World-class team

We operate as one world-class team, collaborating across sectors, regions, disciplines and functions, with a single strategic purpose.

Sector expertise

Our experienced team of sector specialists identifies subsectors of focus and creates proprietary angles to acquire target companies.

Outperforming returns

Our growth-focused approach enables us to step-change the performance of our businesses and deliver outperforming returns for our investors.

40 years of investing through cycles

Founded in 1977, our team has proven its ability to consistently invest through economic cycles successfully. 

Responsible investor

We are a responsible investor with a clear set of environmental, social and governance principles.

Partnership alignment

We operate as one team and cultivate aligned, long term partnerships with our investors and our managers.

Integrated European networks

Our team of European specialists has the experience and relationships to navigate the complexity of the European landscape, across languages, cultures, currencies and regulatory regimes. 

Focused approach

We focus on the most attractive opportunity set of companies by sector and geography where we can create proprietary angles to acquire them and step-change growth.


We are an inclusive team, acting with integrity and good conduct at all times.